Oak Dance Teachings

What about Cultural Appropriation?

A perspective on cultural appropriation by Arkan Lushwala.

Prayer Ties

This teaching explains the meaning and purpose of prayer ties and how to make them.

Tips on Shield Making

Jim Tucker shares a variety of approaches and techniques for making a shield for the dance.

2019 Oak Dance Newcomers Meeting

A video of the teachings during the morning session of the 2019 Newcomers Meeting.

Ancestors, Little People, Water Sanctuary

In this video, Willow shares her knowledge and experiences with a focus on the Ancestors Lane, the Little People Lane, and the Water Sanctuary.

Prayer Smokes & Paho

Willow teaches how to use tobacco and paho in ceremony.

Overview of the Oak Dance

A video in which Lynda gives an overview of various aspects of the dance in order to impart a fuller understanding of the power and potential of the ceremony