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Into the Dance

The ceremony has begun.

All are in their places,

Holding the energy they have cultivated in Spirit,

In preparation for this Time, this Place, this Sacred Dance.

The drum is beating and songs are dancing us to the Tree.

Pipe Smoke and Sage and the Children’s Fire, have come alive to this dance.

The Altar celebrates our connection to the Sacred ones.

And all round the arbor, forked staffs hold shields,

Shields holding visions, prayers and purpose,

Offered up in beauty.

The prayerful are Dancing their dreams to the tree.

Each in their own rhythm and pace,

Organic, connected in prayer.

The Web is woven, one thread, to the tree and back,

Again and again, woven into the Mystery.

I dance in give-away, I dance in blessing,

I dance the above, and the below, in flow,

I dance within and without, like my breath,

I dance into the Dream and the dream opens.

I see, I feel, I Pray and Receive,

For myself and for the Everything.

I dance my Love:

For Life, for this Tree, for these Dancers, for this Ceremony,

For this Path of Prayer, for my Family, for my Ancestors, I dance.

I dance Forgiveness,

I dance in Gratitude,

I dance in Celebration.

I am danced by Spirit to the Tree of Life.

This is what I came here for,

To Live like this, Awake, Aware, Awash in Blessings.

I dance.

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