The Children’s Fire and Elemental Altar

Pipe messages for 2020 Dance

JoAnn and Willow, our Co-Chiefs on Pipe this year, wanted to share guidance that came through a recent Pipe ceremony.

The Grandmothers shared: 

       In preparation for the Dance do not take on any extra projects. 

       Rest and clear your slate before the Dance. 

       Care for yourselves.

The Grandfathers shared: 

       Do it all before; ahead of time.

The Children’s Fire

The Children’s Fire provides for the protection of the Child within. It allows us to reach a level of ceremonial awareness that we may have never experienced before because the Fire offers us protection and safety. In the presence of the Children’s Fire, we can be fearless. When we work with Grandfather Fire as a healer, we ask him to teach us about the transformative power of fire and how to access this power safely.

The ceremonial field of the Children’s Fire will be held in the Arbor at Rainbow Reach. Each person engaged in a satellite ceremony can engage the ceremonial field of the Children’s Fire as part of the Oak Dance field as a Whole. You may also choose to make the connection to sacred fire by lighting a candle on Friday evening when the Children’s Fire is first lit. Through a candle on your Altar, you can greet the Fire, and ask it to work with you throughout the ceremony to help you shine and rekindle your inner light when needed, to help transform those things you no longer need, and to ask Grandfather Fire for a light to bless yourself with the smoke of sage, cedar, tobacco and sweetgrass. Remember that as the sacred fire protects your inner child, you are also responsible to work with the fire in a way that provides for the safety of all God’s children.

Keep this flame lit on your altar only for the time that you can directly attend to it. The Children’s Fire at Rainbow Reach will always have someone attending to it, from Friday early evening until mid-morning on Sunday. The Children’s Fire at Rainbow Reach will be there to provide light, protection and transformation throughout our ceremonial time together.

Elemental Bowls and Four Directions

Along with a candle on your Altar (doesn’t have to be lit), you may also want to put elemental bowls to honor the 4 elements and the related powers of the 4 directions. A candle in the East, a bowl of water in the South, a bowl of soil or a rock in the West, a bowl for Air, symbolized by paho/cornmeal, or a flower or piece of fruit.

Here is a template for how to invoke the 4 elements and the 4 cardinal directions:

  • In the East, we call in the rising Sun, new beginnings, enlightenment and illumination and living our lives determined in Spirit. And we call on the element of Fire to connect us with the Sun, our inner light and our Passion for Life.

  • In the South, we call on the power of trust and innocence to help us give from the Heart. And we call on the element of Water to teach us to allow our lives to flow in Beauty.

  • In the West, we call in the power of transformation to let go of what we don’t need, to make room to manifest abundance in our lives. And we call on the element of Earth to give us the Ground we need to grow a productive life.

  • In the North, we call in the powers of harmony, balance, wisdom and knowledge. And we call in the element of Air to teach us to be flexible and to have an open mind so we can receive inspiration.

Remember that this is just a template. What is more important is that you connect through your own words and your felt-sense connection with the elements and the power of the four directions to resource your Dance.