Participating in the
2020 Oak Dance Remotely

Lynda Caesara describes how, as a community, we will engage the ceremony of the 2020 Oak Dance from multiple locations and how to make the energetic connections necessary to tie it together into a unified ceremony.

She explains why this ceremony is a sacred act that has a profound impact on our world and how trees play a central part in this ceremony. She provides us with an experience of how to choose and engage our own trees if we are dancing from home and how to connect to our trees, how to connect our trees to the network of trees, to the Oak Dance tree and to the ceremony at Rainbow Reach.

She provides details about how the Drum Circle and drummers will continue to provide the heartbeat for the dance in this new configuration and how all dancers will have access to the Drum. Also included in this teaching are how to engage safely with the Children's Fire.

Finally, this video also provides Q&A sessions that answer many of the questions satellite dancers may have.

We highly recommend this video for all 2020 Dance participants. You may want to have a copy of the 2020 Dance booklet handy as you watch the video and make notes as needed. Click the link below for the text of the teaching.

Start:     Oak Dance Opening Prayer and feeling into the container

0:04:47  Oak Dance In the Age of the Coronavirus Introduction

0:05:14  How the Drum Circle will work and how to access the Drum

0:08:30  Dancing on the land at Rainbow Reach

0:09:08  How Dancers will participate remotely

0:14:20  Q&A: Includes how to participate on the drum, logistical questions about dancing remotely, how to engage with your tree, what do I do if I will have children at home while I dance, how do remote dancers have access to the drum, timeline for the ceremony, how to create a sacred space, how will remote dancers engage in the pipe ceremony, prayer ties, how will guardians work in this new dance configuration

0:51:59  The Oak Dance as a sacred ceremony and why trees and this ceremony are so important

0:56:32  Engaging the network of the trees

0:57:11  Q&A on engaging the network of the trees including connecting to more than one tree.

1:05:48  The importance of shields

1:08:04  The healing arbor.

1:14:00  The Children's Fire

1:20:13  Closing Q&A

1:29:50  Outgoing Prayer

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